Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, Porsche & Volkswagen Client Testimonials

German Auto Accolades From Portland And Beyond

I wanted to say thanks for all the help and advice over the years – I remember telling you when I first came in that I own an Audi, but I couldn’t really afford one, and that’s been pretty accurate. I really appreciate all the times you’ve heard me out over the phone as I’ve tried to reconcile this or that. Your shop is top-notch and when added to your good natured and honest dealings it makes it easily one of the best shops I’ve ever frequented. I will definitely recommend you to friends in need.
Alon K.
Portland, OR

Your service and attention to detail regarding you and your firm looking after my 97 Boxster has been excellent.  As an owner of a 20-year-old car I appreciate you inspecting the car when it comes in, taking me under the car to explain what you have diagnosed, telling me what you suggest it needs and as important what it doesn’t need or things/items that can wait. I appreciate you getting me in an ASAP manner and getting one of the guys to help as quick as possible.
With your additional Westside shop, I think the westside German car owners are lucky/happy that you’re now in the area and that your business will prosper at your newest location based on your service and integrity. I might add your clean, spotless waiting room, office – as well as the shop and organization of client parking and service lot area is impressive.
Appreciate your professionalism and will recommend MATRIX to family, friends and colleagues.
Hugh B.
Portland, OR

I really appreciated the customer service I received when I had a coolant sensor malfunction. Pete’s over the top customer service allowed me to complete my weekend plans that otherwise would have had to be cancelled. Thanks so much. You guys are always so great!

Rod S.
Portland, OR

Hi Jeremy and Jesse, I wanted to let you know that I contacted pretty much every independent BMW repair shop on the West Side, and a few on the East Side for good measure, and you guys gave the most complete and helpful responses. BY FAR. Some shops gave one sentence answers, some never even bothered to respond at all.

Thank you for all of the information, it was very helpful, especially for me being new to the BMW world. I think I have found my BMW repair shop.

Joe M.
Portland, OR

Pete, it’s a totally different Porsche than the one I dropped off. Amazing! Can’t thank you and George enough! I’ll write more soon, but right now I need to get back on the road.

Matthew S.
Portland, OR

I appreciate your knowledge and professional service – great customer service as well. I am glad to be doing business with such a dedicated staff. It is wonderful having you in the neighborhood!

Janet K.
Portland, OR

Thank you so much for taking care of my car. Your impeccable customer service is greatly appreciated from timely repair of the clutch/flywheel, providing a car rental when I needed one, and delivering it home. Your updates and communication were also noted. I will continue to bring my car to be serviced there and only give praise and recommend you to others.

Althea A.
Portland, OR

Jeremy, I appreciate your understanding, knowledge, time spent with me, and your professional work.

Guyle D.
Portland, OR

This kind of attention to detail is EXACTLY why I want my Porsche(s) in George’s hands and no others! I really appreciate the quality, care, and dedication to perfection to which is your focus at Matrix.
Best regards,

Rick D.
Graham, WA

As always, thanks for checking in. Exhaust is excellent quality, install was straight forward. The sound is great.
Very very happy with Matrix and what you guys do, and how you do it. Couldn’t recommend you enough.
Todd F.
Seattle, WA
Thanks for all your help with my car, and for being awesome! I am so happy to have a shop as quality as yours to bring my car to.

Brandon P.
Wilsonville, OR

Thanks again for everything, the shop experience was excellent, and the customer service was above and beyond. I will definitely be back when I need more repairs.
Matt C.
Tualatin, OR
I’ve had a chance to drive around for a couple weeks now and have decided I really love the suspension upgrades – best thing I could have had done! The extra torque is way fun and the new exhaust makes it sound even better. This was a great refresh for my 5 year old 335i – made it like new again for a few $k.
Thanks for the great work!
Garth L.
Aloha, OR
Hi Bryan and Jeremy,
After all of the mystery, frustrations, and unexpected challenges with my S4 over the past three weeks I wanted to take a minute to send a big thank you for all of your hard work. Arriving home after a beautiful drive from your shop, I had a chance to look over the receipt further and realized you absorbed several hours of labor cost to make this process affordable for us. Your generosity far exceeded our expectations.
Your skill, work ethic, and dedication to the satisfaction of your customers, are all outstanding and set your team apart from every other shop in the area. Thank you for getting my S4 and I back on the road!
Thank you for everything.
Sarah B.
Oregon City, OR
For a lack of a better acronym…OMG! My M5 is like a totally different car. It so much smoother, feels much faster and flat out sounds better. Needless to say, I am entirely happy with my car again. Thank you for being realistic with me about the oil leak. One day, I will deal with it. Thank you also for being the most professional shop I have taken the car to. The experience was excellent overall.

Chris C.
Vancouver, WA

Thanks much – I appreciate your thoroughness and getting the inspection done in a timely fashion.
As an out of state customer – your service lived up to your reputation.
Please thank Jeremy as well.

Boise, ID

Thank you again for all your help. Car rides so much better now! You guys have my business as I will always own BMW’s to come and I will refer you to anyone I know looking for a quality place to bring their car.
Paul D.
Vancouver, WA

Just picked up my RS4 from the dealership. They threw in a new cat under the warranty.
At first, they called and wanted to do a carbon cleaning. I called you guys, and got on the phone with Jeremy. He gave some GREAT advice along the lines of it sounded like they were trying to maybe delay the warranty fix/cost of the cat, and suggested I talk to your contact at the dealership. They eventually called me and said they were ordering the new cat.
Just wanted to say thank you very much. I wouldn’t have had a clue without your guys help. You guys have already helped me 3 times, and I really appreciate the top notch customer service. You’ll always be the first garage I pull into or dial.
Please let Jeremy know how much stress he relieved and how much he helped on the phone!
Thanks again.

Jack C.
Portland, OR

Your shop is very nice and your care and customer service is one of the best I’ve seen! That’s why I am driving my car down from Seattle to you…just impressive. You guys really went above and beyond the call to take care of me last time when I was unexpectedly delayed due to Amtrak. I appreciated that.

Rob C.
Puyallup, WA

You have the greatest shop ever, so it’s easy to refer friends over!
Tommy S.
Portland, OR

Love your service people, you folks came highly recommended from Eric, and you guys lived up to and exceeded my expectations. You have earned my loyalty for all my future business and services for my 996 and future Porsche products. I am a sales manager at a major car dealership and I recommended to my service manager that he go down and secret shop you guys to see how to treat people. I hope he does.
Paul W.
Beaverton, OR

The car did great the whole trip[moving down to California]. I had it loaded with everything I own and it never complained.
THANK YOU to you and your guys. Even if I came in for the smallest repair or a quick question, the thorough and straightforward work ethic your team embodies gave me piece of mind every time I came in.
From a guy that grew up maintaining and repairing his own vehicles, I like to be as familiar and in-touch with every piece of my vehicle (good or bad). You guys allowed me to accomplish that mission without doing the maintenance myself.
Please tell the guys I said thanks.
Take care,

Tim P.
San Diego, CA [ex-West Linn, OR]

I seriously wanted to thank you for everything you did to fix the coolant leak. Everyone went above and beyond. Also for the follow up on the CEL that came on when Justin was taking it into the shop on Saturday and Bryan for following up after I left the shop once he heard back from the Audi service advisor(for warranty work).
Once again, the service and attention was top notch. Thank you guys, it’s really appreciated.

Travis H.
Beaverton, OR

Hi Bryan,
Many thanks for the service and all that you guys did! The beast is running great.
Matrix has once again proven that service is not just a marketing slogan, but a culture of excellence where the customer comes first…and you can quote me on that!
My thanks to you and Jeremy for all that you two did to get me back to Seattle.

Scott M.
Mercer Island, WA

I trust what Matrix has done for me over the last couple of years and don’t go anywhere else. Your crew has set the bar high for other places.

Bryan G.
Tumwater, WA

I truly appreciate everything the Matrix team did for both myself and my beloved wagon. You have not only earned my future business, but also my recommendations for anybody looking for a professional, trustworthy shop.
Many thanks,
Brett H.
Longview, WA

Holy smokes you guys have great reviews. So glad I found you. It’s nice to feel confident in your car repair shop. My S4 is running GREAT! Thanks for everything. I will definitely use your shop as my car doctor and car spa.
Cheers to great cars!
Megan C.
Troutdale, OR

Jeremy and Justin:
I’d like to thank you both for a great, friendly, and professional experience the last couple of days…your courtesy, respectfulness and interest in my project have made a lasting impression. And thank you, Justin, for the work you did in helping bring out the power today.
Your guys do really nice work. Attractive, solid install. I especially liked how the tech paused at each phase to show me what was where and to give me the opportunity to comment along the way (I had only praise). I’m the kind of poster on the Internet boards–who actively reviews my experience with vendors and I will be giving Matrix the highest marks.
Thanks again for a great job. You guys are great! I’m sure I’ll be back to ask you to help materialize new and bigger visions! I figure I’m a fairly typical enthusiast… I want a fast, dependable car and I want to have an enjoyable experience modifying it. I appreciate your helping me with both of these goals!
Steve M.
Sammamish, WA