Portland’s Scheduled Maintenance Specialists For Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, Porsche & Volkswagen

We Help Sustain Your German Auto Investment

Quite simply, preventative maintenance costs far less in the end. Ignoring known issues or failing components can eventually lead to an increased amount of expensive “collateral damage” repairs down the road, or even a dangerous driving situation! As much as many would like to wish for, parts don’t fix themselves. Your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, Porsche and Volkswagen is a finely crafted machine, engineered and built by the best in the world. It’s an investment which deserves to be properly maintained so you can continue to rely on it.

Once Matrix Integrated’s skilled German car technicians assess the current the health of your vehicle, our client consultants can then advise on any components in need of attention, prioritizing them with you. Still unsure which parts we’re talking about and what they actually do? Please let us know. We’re glad to take pictures or invite you into the shop to meet your technician who can share what they discovered.

Preserve Your Investment

Meticulous preventative maintenance on vintage Porsche 356's

Precise Alignments

Precise 4wheel alignment on Porsche CaymanS