Portland Oregon’s Diagnosis Experts For Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, Porsche And Volkswagen

Hearing an odd clunking sound from your Audi, BMW, Porsche, MINI Cooper, Mercedes or Volkswagen?

Concerned about the fluid puddle on your garage floor?

Unsure why the yellow “check engine/service engine soon” icon is flashing at you?

Trust our German Car Experts to Resolve It!

At Matrix Integrated, we’ve invested heavily in specialty tools and sophisticated diagnostic computers to communicate with your modern vehicle. This combination of equipment, along with the expertise of our technicians, results in the most comprehensive diagnostic strategy. This leads to not only the most accurate repair, but also to keeping you and your family safest on the road.

Specialty Tools & Diagnostic Equipment

Autologic scan tool diagnosing S62 engine on E52 BMW Z8

Expert Technicians

George Humphreys accurately diagnosing a Volkswagen