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Autologic scan tool diagnosing S62 engine on E52 BMW Z8


At Matrix Integrated, we’ve invested heavily in specialty tools and sophisticated diagnostic computers to communicate with your modern vehicle. This combination of equipment, along with the expertise of our technicians, results in the most comprehensive diagnostic strategy. This leads to not only the most accurate repair, but also to keeping you and your family safest on the road.



At Matrix Integrated, we understand that no one looks forward to bringing or towing their vehicle in for repair. Nevertheless, the reality is that even with proactive preventative maintenance, unexpected component failures can still occur. If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured we’ll help get you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Precise 4wheel alignment on Porsche CaymanS


Quite simply, preventative maintenance costs far less in the end. Ignoring known issues or failing components can eventually lead to an increased amount of expensive “collateral damage” repairs down the road, or even a dangerous driving situation! As much as many would like to wish for, parts don’t fix themselves. Your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, Porsche and Volkswagen is a finely crafted machine, engineered and built by the best in the world. It’s an investment which deserves to be properly maintained so you can continue to rely on it.



Matrix Integrated was originally born out of the pursuit and passion for performance; it’s why we first devoted ourselves to this business. While repair and maintenance work is our bread and butter, we will be the first to admit we love to go fast, really fast, corner harder, brake with more precision, hear the aggressive wail of our engines.

Rotiform SJC forged wheel